Courses via skype

The school “Lingua-Seasons” has a wide experience in working with large organizations to train employees to foreign languages. Continuous trainings and staff development is an important investment in the future of your organization. A number of large organizations trust us the stuff trainings of foreign languages ​​and successfully develop this experience. Our teachers design the most appropriate training program considering the goals of your organization. Lessons are held at your office. In addition to the basic business language courses you can choose different business training and special courses designed for employees from different professional fields such as economics, law, medicine and others.


Intensively develop your general language skills, go through thorough preparation for international exams. Open for yourself and your children the opportunity to get a high quality education in international universities and colleges.


Increase your competitiveness and value as an employee. Complement your strengths with the knowledge of foreign languages.

Travelling and communication

Travel freely in the world, give up the services of guides. Design your own travel routes and visit places that you like.

Intensive courses

If you want to develop quickly a foreign language and you have any time limitations, you can choose an intensive training course with an the individual program. Our teachers will help you to determine the best learning format to achieve your goals with the maximum speed and efficiency.

Language and specialty

Choose and develop foreign language in the direction of your specialty. For example: learn business English or German, with a focus on the technical language or other languages for using in special fields like law, economics or High-tech.

Business English courses

The most demanded language skill in the business sphere is the business English knowledge. This is the basic language skills to communicate with international partners and customers. Our program is focused on the development of both oral and written skills. You can develop the following directions: negotiations, business presentations, teleconferences, business correspondence and more.