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Intensive courses: For those who want to learn a language in small (6-8 students) day / evening groups, or in mini groups (2-4 students), to make rapid progress, learning the language in a in a friendly and relaxing environment. You can choose your own private groups (including only your family or friends), with a maximum number of students of 4 people. The course will be carefully planned and will focus on the needs of the students in the group.

Individual program: Detailed, focusing on the goals and objectives of the student. For example, many students just wish to focus on the speaking, listening and pronunciation.

Corporate: At your office or our school. This course includes both group and individual classes of general language courses, depending on your choice.


Individual program: Designed for training professional communication in foreign languages. The program is developed considering the level of your knowledge and the goals of your business. Today global business processes, the internet and advanced technologies can expand the scope of your business activity which must meet international market challenges

Corporate: At your office or our school. These courses include group lessons for your employees. You can design the course schedule and training plan together with the teacher; define business tasks and goals, develop knowledge of your employees and international business communications with your foreign partners.


Individual program: Take your courses at the office, at home or wherever you want. The lesson schedule is fully adapted to you. The free time limit will not hinder you to practice your favorite foreign language.

Groups: You can choose both individual or in group courses inviting your friends. Everyone can reach the lesson on his or her computer. Use Skype courses and free up your time to communicate with friends, for your work or leisure.


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