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Lingua – Seasons school is new, but composed of experiencied teachers whose aim is to grant quality before quantity for those who are dedicated to learn the Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian or English languages.The Lingua – Seasons school offers a one week crash-course for newcomers to Moscow (Russian Survival ), which comprises:

  1. The introduction into the use of Moscow’s public transport system.
  2. The visits of the most important sights (Kremlin, Bolshoi Theatre, Red Square)
  3. The participation and/or organisation of cultural events.

To learn more about “Lingua-Seasons” you can download the information brochure.

Brochure Rus/Eng
Brochure Rus/De


People in education ( Russian Literature, Juirs Pridens or Economy ), businessman who work with Russian partners or Lovers of Russian language and its rich Literature.

Lingua – Seasons offers a consultation meeting, where the needs are elaborated with the aim to define the individuals’ course objectives.

Individual courses

This lesson format is convenient for students who set themselves specific goals (for example: international exams, career challenges, etc.). The training program is based on the level of your knowledge and allows you to efficiently and quickly achieve your goals.

Group courses

Group courses (5-8 students) have a variety of significant advantages: faster development of communication skills and overcoming the language barrier. The common development of language is often more effectively acquired in a group.

Mini group classes

Mini group (2-4 students) courses are one of the most popular formats of teaching foreign languages. Mini groups combine the capabilities of the individual and of the communicative approach. You reach individual goals while developing spoken language.

Writing and grammar

The main basis of all formats of learning is writing and grammar. Even in the case of the spoken language, writing and grammar will be the backbone of your training, which will allow you to absorb training material.

Business English

Develop your business English skills. Use it for benefiting your business or for expanding your career horizons. Improving your business language is a good way to open new business opportunities and communicate with foreign colleagues and partners with no restrictions.

International exams

At Lingua-Seasons you can be efficiently prepared for international exams that will allow you to continue studying in prestigious foreign universities.